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Ex Hr Manager in Research Co.
Post Natal Diet Health Program ( Online )

After Consulting Dr.Shalini Singhal, not only me but my entire family has started eating healthy. We all have started eating sprouts, fresh fruits daily and have stopped all packaged / junk foodstuff.Its not only about shedding weight but changing the mindset & that is what has happened.I am healthier, happier and lighter. All thanks to her !! Chetna Joshi ( Ex HR Manager in Research Co.)

Fitness Dancer ,Homemaker
Diet & Optimal Health Program

I had a history of Kidney transplant and it tool a while for me to come out of it. Maintaining myself both health n. weight vise was a challenge. Dr. Shalini's program helped me in making me more active and taught met o choose good calories. Now I do not skip my breakfast and have nutritious meals and can trick my brain to choose right food in parties. Meanwhile l never felt that l had to resist my temptation for any junkfood

Associate Principal Manager ,Stup Consultant Pvt Ltd
Adolescent WeightLoss Program

I highly recommend Dr.Shalini as a Dietician as she helped my teenage daughter lose 8 kg within 3 months.Her diet charts are v easy to follow& has a lot of varieties.As a @orking mother I could easily manage her well balanced diet.Her diet chart helped her to adapt healthy eating habits and regular exercise which is very much needed in today's sedentary lifestyle. Munmun Chattopadhyay Associate Principal Manager,Stup Consultant Pvt LTD

Practicing Clinical Psychologist
Optimal Diet Health Program

Dr.Shalini's diet plan helped me lose around 7 kgs of weight in 3 months inspite of HYPOTHYROIDISM and lack of exercise /walk due to a serious foot injury. Her diet plans were very practical, she took into account my normal diet patterns,my working schedule as well as there was enough variety. I have seen other diet plans in which you are asked to follow the same plan for a few days at a stretch. She also provided recipes along with the diet plan. Not even once I experienced any hunger pangs during the entire plan. I can't thank her enough for her guidance.

CAPF Aspirant
Fast Track Weight Loss Program ( Online )

Dr. Shalini's Online diet program helped me to reduce 10 kgs in a month as I had to appear for my physical tests. There were lot of varieties in my diet plan along with the recipes. Keeping in mind about my daily routine she planned my diet. I didn't feel any starvation. She customised my diet every week according to my body weight. Thank you so much mam for being part of my weight loss journey and in near future if required I will always take help from you.

HR Business Partner @ HealthCare MNC
Optimal Weight Loss Program

Dr Shalini is one of the finest doctors I have met. I have been following her diet plan for last 4 mths now and it has done wonders. Apart from losing 14kgs weight, I feel so much of positive difference in my skin and hair due to her mindfully designed diet plans. The best part is that she gives so much of variations that you will never feel you are following a diet regimen. It is neither stressful nor will it let you feel that you are missing on good food. It has a perfect balance of calories, taste and variety.

Public School Teacher
Optimal Weight Loss Program (Online )

I signed up for Dr Shalini's diet program during Lockdown and the best part is I have lost 9kg in one past 3 months which I was unable to shed after many attempts . Her diet plans were according to my need and schedule. She is always active and responsive to all queries. She makes sure that the diet plan is different and easy to cook. I lost weight without starvation which I love the most and I am still losing gradually. <br>Thanks & Love

PGT - Govt of Assam
Fast Track Weight Mgt Program ( Online )

Dr.Shalini's Diet program was very helpful for me. I lost 10.6 kgs in 60 days exactly with full compliance to her advice.She planned the diet so well that it served both taste and hunger and I could easily do away my eating out tendencies . Also the recipes provided were fabulous. Most of my queries got sorted out very quickly as she is very supportive.KUDOS TO DR.SHALINI SINGHAL.

Fast Track Weight Management Program

I had my wedding and needed to look my best on the D day. I went to Dr.Shalini for weight loss guidance & managed to lose 10 kgs in 3 months. She was very supportive,kept pushing me to eat this and not to eat that.I suggest you guys if you wish to achieve your goals be positive and keep patience.Her diet is simple with different varieties.Great experience.

Optimal Diet Health Program

Dr. Shalini's diet plan helped me reduce 6kg in the time period of 3months besides controlling my BP without any exercise, just little walking because I was advised only little exercise after an episode of shooting HTN causing mild stroke. Her diet plans were super effective and meals were planned according to my preference. The meals were healthy and delicious.She included the recipes of the dishes which was very convenient. She also motivated me to stick to the diet and guided me along the way. Thank you so much Maa'm

Software Engineer
Optimal Diet Health Program - Online

Dr.Shalini is the best thing that happened to me in my health & wellness journey. She is a highly experienced nutritionist who can help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Following her program, I lost 9 kgs in 3 months and my GERD issue improved to a point where I don't need medication anymore. This is something I have been struggling with since last 4 years. Not just I feel more confident and energetic, this plan has also brought me more understanding and respect for food. Thank you so much mam for your help and guidance!!

Proud Home Maker
Optimal Weight Loss Program - Online

Dr Shalini's simple yet effective diet plans have helped me to go down around 15 kgs in 3.5 months with daily brief walk. With her effective diet plan, she truly helps in implementing a lifestyle change rather than just weight loss by understanding ones physical health. She plans the diet in such a way that makes one active and energetic through out the day. The best part is that she would give you the everyday use kitchen items by her weekly plan rather than fancy diet. I personally would totally recommend her to someone who is struggling to lose weight.

Home Maker
Optimal Weight Loss Program - Online

Dr.Shalini's diet plan helped me in losing more than 18kg in the cover of 6 months. I was advised surgery as I have spondylitis and cervical but a proper diet plan helped me in improving my condition and I am much better now. I am far more active and happy now than I was before and I owe this to Dr. Shalini Singhal ...............

Sr Consultant Ernst & Young
Optimal Weight Loss Program

Having tried multiple diet programs and failed,I gave another attempt to follow a diet program with Dr. Shalini. I was able to reduce 17kgs in 6 months. In a world full of fancy diet programs, her sensible diet program ,which are extremely easy and direct from your kitchen food items not only help me reduce weight but I became more aware about healthy eating habits. I feel more confident now. At professional front she is extremely supportive and provides continuous guidance and keeps a watch on your progress. Personally she is extremely sweet and a really good listener which makes her really approachable. Below is my after picture to look a tad bit stunning compared to what Dr. Shalini looks in her sarees