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Post Natal Diet Health Program ( Online )

After Consulting Dr.Shalini Singhal, not only me but my entire family has started eating healthy. We all have started eating sprouts, fresh fruits daily and have stopped all packaged / junk foodstuff.Its not only about shedding weight but changing the mindset & that is what has happened.I am healthier, happier and lighter. All thanks to her !! Chetna Joshi ( Ex HR Manager in Research Co.)

Optimal Diet Health Program

Dr.Shalini's diet plan helped me lose around 7 kgs of weight in 3 months inspite of HYPOTHYROIDISM and lack of exercise /walk due to a serious foot injury. Her diet plans were very practical, she took into account my normal diet patterns,my working schedule as well as there was enough variety. I have seen other diet plans in which you are asked to follow the same plan for a few days at a stretch. She also provided recipes along with the diet plan. Not even once I experienced any hunger pangs during the entire plan. I can't thank her enough for her guidance.

Adolescent WeightLoss Program

I highly recommend Dr.Shalini as a Dietician as she helped my teenage daughter lose 8 kg within 3 months.Her diet charts are v easy to follow& has a lot of varieties.As a @orking mother I could easily manage her well balanced diet.Her diet chart helped her to adapt healthy eating habits and regular exercise which is very much needed in today's sedentary lifestyle. Munmun Chattopadhyay Associate Principal Manager,Stup Consultant Pvt LTD