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Diet & Heart Health Program

Diet & Heart Health Program

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This program focuses on people with heart ailments,high blood pressure, high cholesterol , dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease etc. This includes detailed analysis of one's long and short term dietary habits and based on disease status,other associated problems, genetic history, weight gain graph if any and more, customized diets are planned. Weekly diet plans are sent via email or are visible on the website when one logs in. The program is very convenient, runs totally online without any hassle of continuous clinic visit. Diets are wholesome and the clinic does not believe in any Mono Diets or Crash Diets which deprive your body of stamina, looks and feeling of goodness. A gradual progress in your heart health is our objective.


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My mother has severe problem of high blood pressure. Cardiologist recommended weight loss as one of the way to tackle high BP. Initially I was clueless as to how my mother can loose excess weight. Then I got a recommendation that healthy diet can help in weight management. Dr Shalini prepared customised eating schedule for my mother which helped. It's been around 2 months and mum has lost 5 kgs. This makes me hopeful that over a period, by sticking to eating habits as recommended by Dr Shalini, weight can be better managed. I fully recommend Dr Shalini's cutomised diet plans as a way to better life style and weight management.

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On: 30 Dec 2018


Dr. Shalini provided personalized diet plans which suited me very well. I am happy with her. She is very easy to approach and provides lot of personal attention and support. I have lost 7 kgs weight and also BP is in control.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Aug 2016

 Dr Shalini provided great meal plans according to what I eat. She was very prompt in answering any queries. I lost 7 kgs in 2 months and in the process, my cholesterol also became normal!

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On: 04 Aug 2015


I never imagined that slight changes in diet can make so much difference. The whole experience was quite rewarding and has helped me make adjustments to my lifestyle. Within a month I could control my triglyceride levels and shed about 5 Kgs. The diet charts are of great help with a lot of options to eat (otherwise with just general guidelines you end up eating the same stuff everyday). Assistance provided by Dr. Shalini is exceptional.


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On: 19 Jun 2015

Dr Shalini helped me reduce 12kgs and improve my general health. I have been a hypertensive for last 10 years and the 3 months diet plan by Dr Shalini has helped me reduce my medication.

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On: 13 Aug 2014

I lost 8 kgs in 2 months and have reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol also.I thank Dr.Shalini for her guidance. Her weight loss program was very economical and convenient.......Amol

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 25 Feb 2013

The guidance I got from Shalini was very useful.I Reduced 2 things- Bad cholesterol levels and weight and Gained 2 things- Good cholesterol and Feeling of Goodness...Sudesh Gupta

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 22 Feb 2013

Dr Shalini helped me reduce 9 kgs in two months. I am hypertensive and my BP also is in control after following her diet regime. I thank her for this.....

Submitted By: , Rating: 4.5/5*
On: 19 Feb 2013
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