Testimonial | I NEVER BELIEVED I would be so much better when I started the program !!

I NEVER BELIEVED I would be so much better when I started the program !!

By  On: 19 February 2013
Thanks Shalini,I never imagined I could be so slim after struggling with weight for 25 years.I not only lost 11 Kgs weight,but my knee pain has vanished,my thyroid medicine has reduced and its just unbelievable... Mrs.Sudesh Gupta

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Post Menopausal Diet Health Program
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Menopause is the cessation of a woman's menstrual periods and usually occurs between the age of 45 and 55 yrs. Menopause is associated with significant changes in body composition such as decrease in muscle and bone mass leading to osteoporosis and increase in fat mass leading to weight gain. This increases the risk of high B.P, high blood cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and heart disease. Other Symptoms include hot flushes, night sweat, mood swings etc.

Diet plays a significant role in prevention and treatment of all associated problems with menopause.


All ladies in the Pre and Post -Menopausal Stage who are either gaining weight, complaining of joint pains, have indication of osteoporosis, heart disease, etc and are suffering from any of the above symptoms.


Dealing with menopause and its problems and making the transition easy, stress- free and healthy is the objective of this program. Weight loss if required would be the primary concern as well.

This program includes detailed analysis of one's long and short term dietary habits. Customized Diets are planned based on hormonal status, associated problems, drugs intake, genetic history, weight gain graph, food preferences and more.

Weekly diet plans are sent via email or are visible on the website when one logs in. The program is very convenient, runs totally online without any hassle of continuous clinic visit. Diets are wholesome and are based on latest scientific research.

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