Testimonial | I must admit Dr. Shalini's diet and wellness programs not only focus on meals but also educate with Do's and Don't of healthy living

I must admit Dr. Shalini's diet and wellness programs not only focus on meals but also educate with Do's and Don't of healthy living

By  On: 13 October 2017

Fantastic healthy experience. I am sure whosoever is reading this review, must be trying to find best professional help to get out of consequences of unhealthy lifestyle. I must admit Dr. Shalini's diet and wellness programs not only focus on meals but also educate with Do's and Don't of healthy living. Trust me her diet plans and supported recipes are as per your health stats, body needs, ease of availability , taste, food fondness and kitchen time that you can afford to spend. She is very professional and prompt in her responses. She is always ready to provide her support in making you understand Whys behind food types and impact on you. She believes that we should maintain our heath and weight with lifestyle which we can follow lifelong. That helped me to align my routine in better healthy manner. After spending huge amount of my hard earned money on many reputed gyms for no gain, my journey of balanced diet and wellness helped me to lose 8 Kgs in 3 months. It helped me to feel good, healthy, energetic and happy. Thanks to Dr. Shalini, I am experiencing awesome and healthy lifestyle change.

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Optimal Weight Loss Diet Program
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You might need professional help from a dietitian / nutritionist to ascertain how much weight you need to lose or gain and when you need to maintain it. Its imperative that one sheds fat and excess water but gains on lean body mass ( muscle mass ) while losing weight.

A comprehensive diet plan customized to your specific needs and body type along with regular nutritional counselling will help you stay healthy, find solutions to associated health disorders and lose weight with ease.

How does Dr.Shalini’s Optimal weight loss program help?

This program includes

1.Detailed analysis of one's long and short term dietary habits,medical status, genetic history,weight gain reasons, etc. This can be done during in- person clinic visit or detailed communication via mail/ whatsapp

2. Planning customized diets that are Innovative,Effectice,Transformative, safe, sustainable and without any side effects. Diets are wholesome and the clinic does not believe in any Mono Diets or Crash Diets which deprive your body of stamina, looks and feeling of goodness.

3.Weekly diet plans are sent via email or whatsapp. These also include short tips and interesting tried and tested recipes

4.The program is very convenient, runs totally online without any hassle of continuous clinic visit. Regular dietary advices are provided during the course of the program

5. Eating Out/ Dining Out tips are also provided

6. Weight maintenance tips are given at the end of the program

What’s unique about  Dr.Shalini’s Optimal Weight Loss Program ?

Dr.Shalini Singhal focusses on one’s lifestyle at baseline. She personally does a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s weight loss requirements and then takes a scientific and practical approach to plan tailored diets. Her recipes will help you a lot. She is personally available to resolve even your short queries via mail / whatsapp/ sms and guides you through the entire tenure of the program

The program specialises in-

  1. Indian Veg Diet Plans for weight loss
  2. Indian Non Veg Diet plans for weight loss
  3. Weight loss diets for PCOS / PCOD patients
  4. Weight loss Diet for Hypothyroid cases
  5. Weight loss diet plan for pre menopausal or post menopausal women
  6. Healthy weight loss plan for Lactating ladies
  7. Healthy weight loss plan for Pregnant ladies who need to maintain weight
  8. Healthy weight loss for Children and Adolescents/Teenagers
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Dr. Shalini Singhal
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